Testimonial 1"These are simply the easiest products to use that I have found. Better than competing yacht products at non yachting prices."

"Finally a no nonsense polish range that really works.
We have found the California Custom Products so effective that we have emptied our cupboards of other products!"

"We never polished our stainless before but these products are so easy to use it is now an integral part of our maintenance."

"We seem to be getting through the purple metal polish pretty quick as the team are stoked with how good it is
and the other two boats in the fleet (the Riva and Master Craft) keep pinching my supplies, so we need more!"
1st Officer Lady Dahlia

Testimonial 2
California Custom Products are one of those product lines that you wish you were introduced to years ago. After 7 years in the industry these products must be best I have tried, especially purple metal polish.
It is extremely effective and easy to use and leaves a high shine protection on the metal.
When you have day worker asking where you can get hold of these products, then you know you they are good."
Marco Sessarego 1st officer Celestial Hope

"After many years in the industry I have tried just about every way to clean, polish and maintain super yachts to the high standards required. Luckily I discovered California Custom Products.
These products tackle any job with ease and a great long lasting effect."
Steve Emmerich Chief Officer Lady Moura