Purple Metal Polish124 X 355 ml Bottles
Box Shipping Weight 10.5 kg
PURPLE METAL POLISH is in a class of its own. This is truly a no-rub metal polish. Easy to polish aluminium, chrome, brass and even plastic! Specially formulated for USABILITY, DURABILITY and SUPER HIGH QUALITY SHINE. It is a SUPER QUICK and EASY maintenance product. PURPLE Metal Polish contains a superior abrasive along with Hi-tech cleaners and sealers to SAFELY CLEAN, SHINE & PROTECT all metal surfaces WITHOUT SCRATCHING! When using this product on metal, DON’T use it like you would an average metal polish. This is completely different. See just how little rubbing it really does take to achieve a shine. Once applied, fold a clean terry-cloth towel and (DON’T RUB) buff off, wet or dry, to a brilliant CLOUD-FREE SHINE! Can be applied on hot or cold metal. Do NOT use on gold or silver plating. Will not work on clear-coated metals. Between polishings, for cleaning purposes avoid using brighteners or ammonia-based cleaning products; mild soap and water is best for the SHINE.

M-RON GLASS224 X 355 ml Bottles
Box Shipping Weight 10.5 kg

M-RON GLASS is not your ordinary wax. It is a CLEANER & WAX so you are not waxing over a dirty surface or getting a waxy build-up. We recommend to our customers that once applied, let it sit and bake in the sun for 15 to 30 minutes. You will get a deeper shine and a higher lustre than you would if you were to apply it and take it off right away. It will NEVER bake itself to the surface! M-RON GLASS IS 100% CLEAR COAT SAFE and CAN BE APPLIED IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.Even on HOT black surfaces you can literally DUST off the residue. It ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT STICK!!. It can be used on ALL types of surface. It WILL NOT streak, haze or leave swirl marks, even after repeated use. There are NO ABRASIVES, NO SILICONE, NO AMMONIA and NO FILLERS in this product. It is strictly a cleaner and wax. M-RON GLASS CLEANS and ADDS LIFE to your finish, while protecting the surface with the finest available Pure #1 Carnauba wax that seals and protects with a CRYSTAL CLEAR SHINE.

Box Shipping Weight 10.5 kg

ALUMINIUM DEOXIDISER is a very Hi-Tech chemical designed to clean and deoxidise ALL metal surfaces without streaking, hazing, burning or damaging the surfaces. Removes scale, road film, most acid stains and even rust on chrome! It is the easiest and safest way to prep the metal before polishing. It really takes the elbow grease out of polishing! Can be used with most cream-type polishes.
After saturating a palm-size terrycloth towel with Aluminium Deoxidiser (step 1), you simply wipe on the surface. Then apply our Purple Metal Polish over the entire treated area and buff off to an incredible shine!
If your aluminium has a milky look to it even after being polished, try our Aluminium Deoxidiser before polishing: you will achieve a Crystal Clear Shine.
It will cut the time you spend polishing in half!

M-RON DEEP CLEAN424 X 355 ml Bottles
Box Shipping Weight 10.5 kg

M-RON DEEP CLEAN totally reconditions your paint each time it is applied.
If your paint doesn’t shine after using this product, the next step would be rubbing compound and a buffer or simply new paint!
M-RON DEEP CLEAN CAN be applied in direct SUN and extreme temperatures. It WILL NOT bake itself to the surface. It DOES NOT contain any silicone, ammonia or fillers. It DOES contain superior cleaning agents and an ultra-fine abrasive that DEEP CLEANS the finish WITHOUT SCRATCHING! Using very little effort, its DEEP CLEANING action RESTORES the LIFE and SHINE back to your paint while protecting the surface with the finest available PURE #1 Carnauba wax. EXCELLENT on black and other dark colours.

LVC534 X 237 ml Spray Pump Bottles
Box Shipping Weight 10 kg

“LVC” is what you’ve been looking for! It is a non-greasy conditioner designed for interior use but also works great at keeping leather or vinyl covers looking and feeling like new. “LVC” is a mild cleaner but a Serious Conditioner that allows the leather to “breathe” and actually does help to protect leather and vinyl from the elements, keeping them SOFT and SUPPLE with NO GREASY FILM!
Depending on different types of application, you can achieve the natural lustre of the surface or even a high gloss finish. “LVC” was formulated for the finest of leathers, but found to also work great on plastic and rubber. You can achieve a ‘black mirror’ effect on tyres! Without leaving a greasy film, it WILL NOT attract dust!

SPRAY SHINE612 X 473 ml Spray Bottles
Box Shipping Weight 7 kg

SPRAY SHINE specially formulated WATER-BASED spray-on CARNAUBA WAX. NO AMMONIA, NO SOLVENTS, NO SILICONE, NO GARBAGE!Like all of our products, Spray Shine can be applied in the DIRECT SUN, even on BLACK! If you can work on black paint in the direct sun, you’ve got every colour covered. Spray Shine WILL NOT turn white on rubber or black plastic. Spray Shine really does work! Spray Shine is not a spray wash. It is a serious spray wax that will give an amazing shine! First, use our M-RON GLASS to thoroughly clean and wax the surface, then use Spray Shine after or between washings to help maintain the shine. Spray Shine will never smear or streak, EVER! (Do not use towels or cloths that have been washed with fabric softener.) Formulated for paint but found to work equally well on any smooth non-porous surface. Use Spray Shine on paint, glass, chrome, plastic, tiles, lamps, stoves, refrigerators, mirrors, computer screens, WOW! and the list goes on!